Wash-and-Go: Simple, Air-Dry Styles

In the heat of summer, even the thought of battling with a blow dryer can make the best of us break a sweat. No one wants to mess with hot hair tools on 90-degree days, so we’ve put together a few simple styles to help you air-dry your way to unbelievable waves.


I woke up like this. (No, really).

If early mornings aren’t your M.O., we’ve got some good news—get ready to snooze. Kinky, coily, “woke up like this” curls are now officially included in the “lived-in” fashion trend, and with a super-sharp side part, you too can make bed head look beautiful. Simply spritz Biolage Volumebloom Full Lift Volumizer on damp strands after showering and head to bed. Then, split your next-day ‘do clean down the middle and spray once more to seal the look. For an extra volume boost, comb rear strands straight back, toss, and flip for a big, bold finish. Ta-da! Easy, breezy, sultry summer waves.


Pro tip: sprinkle a bit of DESIGNLINE Dry Shampoo Style Refresher on second-day strands to soak up oil, add even more volume, and leave your locks feeling fresh.

wavy brunette hair
Fresh summer waves without a morning of a hot curling work? It's possible. 
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Biolage Volumizing Mousee
Soft, touchable ringlets are just some damp hair, a bit of mousse, and a few soft rollers away. 

Just roll with it

Want romantic ringlets without the extra sweat from hot-tool heat? Wind wet hair the night before. Simply apply a lightweight mousse like Biolage Volumizing Whipped Mousse post-nighttime shower to smooth and condition your strands before wrapping up in soft rollers. Need DIY tools in a pinch? Cut an old cotton T-shirt into long folding strips, wrap damp sections up, and tie up to dry. Cheap, easy, and oh-so-comfy, this no-heat hair hack will even dry damp strands while you hit the sack. Just untie and tousle the following morning for gorgeously-curled tresses that last all day.


Let your locks loose

If you like to shower in the AM, a wearable, wet style should be your go-to. Wavy, straight, curly or flat, a loose, gently-tousled side braid is a great option for any hair type, and can even take your look from day to night. Simply style damp hair with DESIGNLINE Volumizing Gel to secure your strands before working a deep side part into your mane. Once perfectly positioned, work remaining locks into a loose braid. Finish the look with a quick spritz of Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray and a bit of strand-pulling for a perfectly messy daytime ‘do. Once 5:00 hits, untwirl your tresses, apply a pinch of Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Powder Play at the scalp, and toss your tresses for big, beautiful waves to rock after hours.


Whether you’re wavy, straight, kinky, or curly, set yourself up for success with a fresh cut at SmartStyle. While you’re at it, ask your stylist which products you need to take your next air-dried look to a 10. You can get your name the list right now.

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