Going Short for Spring and Summer

Spring is the perfect time to shed the old winter bulkiness and welcome brighter, warmer days. Hair style trends follow the same cycle. Visit your stylist and allow them to help you make the best choice for a shorter look.


Often the word “shorter” can bring images of exaggerated short lengths of hair. However, going “shorter” is relative to your current length and boundaries, meaning minor adjustments could be considered a change. You can choose a new look as drastic or subtle as you’d like.


If you decide that a truly short look is the direction you’d like to go, gather a few pictures to help you communicate speaking with your stylist. A change of styling product will likely be a part of your new look, ensuring you’ll have an easy time recreating the style at home.


For Men

Clipper taper and clipper fade styles are classic looks. Current trends determine the length on top of these classic cuts and styling products follow. For longer top lengths, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Styling Gel is a perfect tool for control. For separation and definition, Redken Rough Paste, American Crew Pomade, or Paul Mitchell Dry Wax give a refined finish without the flaky, crunchy feel of earlier generations of products.

SmartStyle male hair model
Your new, shorter cut may require new styling products. Don't forget to ask your stylist for some recommendations.

For Women

A-line bobs, graduated bobs, and short graduated styles are always on-trend. Changing the texture or smoothness of the style keeps these looks on point with current fashion. Using a root-boosting product, like DESIGNLINE Root Boost, to give volume and a styling cream to add texture (like DESIGNLINE Texture Cream), or smoothness (we love Sexy Hair Smooth Encounter) allows for ample styling options.


Also, adding bangs is a great way to work a change into your current style, without losing the security of the rest of your length.


Your stylist will be happy to explore all the options and looks that will suit your face shape and personal style when you decide to go short.

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